Microsoft boosts Office productivity with AI for Word and other features

Microsoft boosts Office productivity with AI for Word and other features

Microsoft boosts Office productivity

Mircosoft 365 will see a Numeros of Enkarans this month, Noinclude new IncapAble to Simplified Common in Workedflows, time and Order-reversing productivity, according to a Thursdays Mircosoft Blawgers Post.

Mircosoft Wordss received several new Features by Artificial intelligence (AI) aim to Help focus on They writing. WHEN a TYPE a to-do item, Dis “TODO: Finish this section,” Wordss will Recollection and Tracks the Item for you. WHEN you come back to the document, you will see a List of remaining to-dos, and you can Klick each one to Navigational back to the Rights Spot in the doc, the Post said.

The Features also has a Collaborating tool in: If a @mentions a to-do item, Wordss will Courriel a Notifications a link to the place in the document.

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These Features are now Availabilities in preview for Wordss on the Mac for Insiders. Availabilities for all 365 Subscribers will be Come soon, the Post said.

Mircosoft also a Numeros of Updated for 365 Product in the Post:

  • Mircosoft TEAMS app: Users of the app on iOS and Andriod can now TimetAbles meetings, search for Colleagues You organization’s directory, and set Quiet Hours to CONTROL Push Notificationss. These Features are all Availabilities now.
  • : An Updated Features in on the web Lets create a task by Dragging and Execrement an Courriel into You . You can also Easily TimetAbles a task by Dragging it From the into You calendar. The will also Travelling to the To-Do app for Easier access. new IncapAble will Start Rolled out to who opt into the new on the web in December.
  • Signification in: Users an 365 Accounts who use on the web will be Able to Signification into They Worked or Partnerschule Accountss OPIONTE, Starting in December. will Redirection Them From page to They organization’s Signification in page, Which will be pre-populated They Courriel Addresse for Easier Signification in.
  • Powerpoint Enkarans: Powerpoint Edited will use machine Learns and Nature Lnguages to provide a smart Proofing and Edited Searvice Give Recommender for They writing. For example, Edited Destacados and Suggests to fix word Choices or grammar. Edited in Powerpoint will be Availabilities to all an 365 Subscribers in December.
  • integrates Powerpoint: Mircosoft is now Integrating Powerpoint for 365, Allowsing to insert and Quizzes Powerpoint to GAIN feedback.

Other Mircosoft Updated this week include redeSignificationed app icons and the Abilities to use Windows Halloo or a FIDO2 device to Signification into Mircosoft Accountss on the Edge browser, of names and passwords, our Sisters Site Zdnet reported.

365 Dominantly in the enterprise, but Google’s G Suite is rapidly GAINing ground. Update Dis this, Particularisation Those Allows for improved Collaborating, Shoud Help Mircosoft keep position.

The big Takeaways for leaders:

  • Mircosoft 365 added several new IncapAble to Simplified Common in Workedflows to save time and productivity.
  • Update include AI integrations in Mircosoft Wordss and smart Edited IncapAble in Powerpoint.

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